Saturday, 6 March 2010

Strawberry Eyes

Ok, so after looking around the internet for more ideas(I have a very limited imagination when it comes to make-up), I came across this, which looked really good and didn't look too difficult. However, I thought that it would be hard to do on yourself so I did it on my usual guinea pig, my sister.

This is what the idea looked like originally:

I attempted it, and ended very pleased with the results actually! But she is a very impatient guinea pig and decided that she couldn't be bothered to sit for another half hour while I was trying to recreate the make-up from the photo, so we ended up only doing the make-up under the eyebrow.
Here are the results:

I did the dots with liquid eyeliner, which in retrospect isn't the best idea. I realised a bit late that this make-up needed some planning; I did the pink eyeshadow first, only to realise that the dots should really be filled with white. I also didn't realise that its VERY hard to take off eyeshadow in a very small area, especially since that area is contoured with liquid eyeliner, which smudges with water.... I'm so smart. Anyway, it didn't end up too  badly, but I really want to do it again. My sister has a very green eye, so maybe next time I'll try it on that eye rather than on the brown one.

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